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Warehouse shelf racks

The basic component of effective storing of goods is pallet racking, shelving system or cantilever racking. Those who want to achieve the high economic effectiveness, most quickly reach it thanks to good arrangement of warehouse shelving.

MC Logistic will facilitate the effective placing of shelves with the help of our arrangements. The optimal planning guarantees better organized work in magazines and reduces the processing time. The storing shelves provided by our company guarantee the optimal use of place and efficient flow of materials.

Pallet racking


  • Pallet racking is a classic form of storing goods on palettes.
  • High storing shelves are a universal and very common way of storing.
  • The pallet racking systems can be modified as required by customers.
  • At present the only limitation for this type of storing can be dimensions of a given room, while the breadth and depth of shelves depend only on the dimensions of palettes.
  • Every system area can store goods up to a few tons.
Shelving system


  • Shelving systems are the best solution for goods which are not packed onto palettes.
  • Shelving systems are very useful in workshops, magazines and storehouses, points of sale and offices.
  • We provide various configuration of shelving systems, and thus we meet the individual needs of our customers.
  • It is possible to modify the systems.
Cantilever racking


  • Where there is a need of storing long elements we usually use cantilever racking.
  • Thanks to their construction with cantilevers we can store elements of various lengths.
  • Cantilever racking allows for using the space and easy access to the stored materials.
  • This storage system can be arranged for a broad range of long elements.